..improves maintainability, i.e. the design and internal clarity of existing software systems.

..locates in source code

  • omissions
  • redundancies
  • inconsistencies
  • ambiguities
  • assumptions

..finds dozens of improvements an hour in real code!

..makes code easier to extend.

..makes code harder to break.

..simplifies source code considerably.


..tells you when to refactor.

..helps you learn and improve as a software professional.

..is systematic code review that is

  • challenging, but not difficult.
  • based on sound coding criteria.
  • feasible in practice.
  • effective and efficient.
  • suitable for waterfall and agile processes.

..makes you happier in your job.

..makes you prouder of your work.

..helps you give constructive criticism on source code.

..makes you check code better than static analysis tools.

What Makes You Tick?

In a word, Qualiteers.

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