Tick-the-Code checkers

Country Checker Count
Belgian flag Belgium 4
Finnish flag Finland 610
Tricolor France 61
German flag Germany 58
Russian flag Russia 10
Swedish flag Sweden 10
Old Glory USA 93

Number of held Tick-the-Code sessions:

Training session type Count
DayTick 56
QuickTick 53
Total 112

Tick-the-Code Findings

Here's an experiment conducted on 78 professional software developers. Before learning Tick-the-Code their ability to find items in source code was measured (in 15 minutes) and then extrapolated (to an hour). Many didn't believe they would have reached the extrapolated number with just more time. Then they were taught how to tick and given an hour to tick the exact same source code. Almost all participants found more than their extrapolated count would have allowed! The average improvement was 5-fold!

Figure 1. shows both the extrapolated Before curve and the measured performance After learning Tick-the-Code. The huge improvement points to great potential in software developers. With the right kind of guidance, they could inspect their code so much better.

Figure 1. Before and After Graph

Figure 1. The Before and After Graph. Each checker has two data points: one on the blue spiky line and one on the violet line. You can see how much more items almost everyone found after being taught Tick-the-Code. The checker performances have been ranked according to their 'Before' result (which explains the monotonically increasing violet line).

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